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What is an MFD multifunction photocopier and is it the same as an all in one laser printer?

The MFD 'multifunction device', sometimes know as an MFP 'multifunction printer', offers so much more than the traditional photocopier. Yes it can copy in superb laser quality in colour or black and white, but also combines the other office essentials of printing and scanning. Fax is still available if required, but is increasingly dropped in favour of email.

So is an All In One laser printer the same?

Sort of! Although it offers the same functionality, but they tend to refer to the cheaper home type of machines, rather than the business models we provide.

In the home environment the All In One or MFD can be very useful, but with usage normally very low, these models are really not suitable for the office. The inexpensive MFD copier bought from a superstore will cost a small fortune to run if you use it in the office. Often inkjet technology, the replacement ink cartridges on these models run out after a couple of hundred pages!
Typical cost per page for this type of device is 2p and upwards for mono and 10p and upwards for colour

Office MFD
The equipment that we supply is designed for the office environment with low running costs. Whether you have a small office, tight on space or a large workforce on multiple floors we have the right equipment for you!
So if you want to avoid a slow and expensive to run machine, browse the following models and call for an informal chat - speak to Fuss3 today or fill in the contact form now!

Colour A4 Multifunction Digital Copiers

Colour A4 Multifunction Digital Copiers This A4 colour photocopier is perfect for many office environments that don't require A3 paper functionality. Use it as a normal black and white printer or copier for in-house work but is ready to produce superb colour pages when required. Short on space? N...
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Colour A3 Multifunction Digital Copiers

Colour A3 Multifunction Digital Copiers This choice is perfect for Sussex, Kent, Hampshire, Surrey and London based customers that demand the lowest possible running costs from there A3 colour photocopier.  However, it offers far more than economical printing. Colour pages are superb quality,...
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Mono A4 Multifunction Digital Copiers

Mono A4 Multifunction Digital Copiers Perfect for many Sussex office environments that don't require A3 paper functionality. With very low running costs - use it instead of a desktop laser printer and have a black and white copier with colour scan facility thrown in! Don't worry if you are shor...
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Mono A3 Multifunction Digital Copiers

Mono A3 Multifunction Digital Copiers Perfect for any Sussex office that requires a fast and efficient multifunction photocopier. Very low cost per page running cost will reduce your company's copy and print bill and provide fuss-free documents. Features that will help you! 30 pages per m...
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A4 Mono Printer Solution

With our Managed Print mono print charges from 0.007 and your typical desktop laser printer costing over 0.014 per sheet, its easy to make significant savings.  Fixed cost per page Receive a new fast & stylish laser printer All toner cartridges included - just add paper! Deliver...
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