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a simple usb key will take readings from your network printers

Cut your company’s print and copy costs with a FREE Print Audit

What is a Print Audit and how can it help?

A free service that we offer your business is a full analysis of all your current print devices. You benefit from knowing the exact usage and running costs of your different printers which can highlight where cost savings can be made.
If we can't save you money we'll tell you so!
It is relatively easy for you to add up what you have spent on printer running costs, cartridges, ink, image drums etc etc, but unless you know how many sheets you have produced, the cost doesn't mean anything on its own.

Print cartridges are notoriously expensive, do you know how many you are using? Just as important - how many sheets have they produced?

Using this secure and quick process, we can quickly give you a clear picture of your networked printer usage and costs. This enables us to make recommendations based on fact, NOT estimates or guesswork, to reduce your business's print costs.
For example, that colour printer you bought to produce low volume marketing material may now be producing in-house office printing at an unnecessarily high cost per page.

So don't delay, speak to Fuss3 Document Solutions today and ask for your FREE Print Audit.

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