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Colour A4 Multifunction Digital Copiers

This A4 colour photocopier is perfect for many office environments that don't require A3 paper functionality.
Use it as a normal black and white printer or copier for in-house work but is ready to produce superb colour pages when required.
Short on space? No problem, being A4 only, this colour copier has a small footprint and can be positioned on a desk or its own pedestal/cabinet.

Features that will help you!
  • 30 pages per minute in colour or mono
  • No speed reduction for double-sided
  • Network print, PC or MAC
  • Automatic document feeder
  • Scan to your network folder at 30 images per minute in colour or mono
  • Ideal for document archiving to achieve the 'paperless office'
  • Automatic double sided on thick card

Choose your service package
Don't forget, delivery and installation onto your network are included - no extras to pay!

Don't delay, start making savings and enjoy reliable, fuss free documents in YOUR office - speak to Fuss3 today or fill in the contact form now!
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